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Affordable & Reliable Mitel Telecommunication Systems
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RESALE SYSTEMS LLC,  is your answer to expandable, sophisticated communications systems far below the cost of new equipment, without compromising reliability & expandability.

  • Proven reliable pre-owned Mitel equipment.
  • Low cost expansion of existing Mitel equipment.
  • Rentals or Leasing options for restricted situations.
  • Fast delivery of Mitel equipment & warranty replacement parts.
  • Two year warranty on Mitel equipment.

Competitive Price & Free Customer Training

Resale Systems LLC, is the telecommunications answer for growing businesses who want big system features at a small system price.

Our Objective is to provide you with the best equipment at the best possible price (35%-70% off the cost of new equipment). However, we also offer highly competitive prices on new equipment.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your system. This is why we offer you a free comprehensive training program when you purchase equipment from us, which covers all aspects of hardware operation and report generation.

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