Resale Systems - Refurbished and Used Mitel Cabinets, Cardss, Telephones, Software and Voice Mail Systems.

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Mitel Products & Services

Our primary product base is Refurbished Mitel systems & parts.  We support & service the following family of systems:

Mitel SX 50
Mitel SX 100
Mitel SX 200
Mitel SX 200 ML & 200 EL
Mitel SX 200 Digital
Mitel SX 200 Light
Mitel SX 2000
Mitel SX-200 ICP
Mitel 3300 ISCP
Mitel 4025 Superset
Mitel Voice Mail
Mitel Telephones
Mitel Software

You can browse our database to research Mitel equipment, part numbers and descriptions.  Click to browse database of Mitel Part# and descriptions.